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Why I Had Ants In My Kitchen?

My Kitchen

How you can get rid of ants in your home can be challenging without knowing the reason for their invasion. Your kitchen has enough stuff to invite the ants. There are several species of ants worldwide, but some of the common species like black, sugar and carpenter ants are often found in your kitchen or home.

Following are the sources that bring unwanted ants to your home.

  • Season
    Ant infestations mostly tend to occur in late spring to early summer. Because of their weather-triggered mating patterns, queen ants start searching for mates at the beginning of April, then utilizes the remainder of the summer months to settle down and begin their new family.
  • Standing Water
    Though ants are not large, and they don’t drink much, easily accessible water such in sinks, bathtubs or even stray glasses of water left on the counter is enough to quench several ants thirst.
  • Sugary Food Stuff
    Sugary food is a common reason for ants showing up at your premises, especially in the kitchen. With their hypersensitive sense of smell and 24 hours scavenger habits, ants might flock to it.

Regularly cleaning after meals is the right preventive measure. Loosely sealed food jars and containers are also the prominent choice of ants on a food scavenger hunt.

Once again, if they find a food or water source, they will immediately reach and contaminate the stuff. In order to remove them from your home, feel free to call us at Halton Pest Control. Our fully licensed and insured pest control company in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton ensure to provide effective and humane pest removal and control services.

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