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What Attracts Baldfaced Hornets To My Home?

Baldfaced Hornets

The baldfaced hornets are intimidating flying insects which always keep their eye on your home because you are unknowingly attracting them. Like other pests and insects, the hornets also search for food, water and shelter. They are the stinging insect that looks like a yellow jacket, but they have a black and white face or body.

They grow up to ½ to 5/8 inch in size while their queen grows up to a ¾ inch. The hornet is very aggressive and can attack anyone who disturbs them. Their sting can leave an allergic reaction on human skin. So, it is necessary to keep them away.

Why Do Hornets Attract Your Home?

  • Water sources in or around your property like pond, birdbath, pool or rainwater
  • Rotting trees on your property
  • Lawn furniture and wooden made decorations
  • Overhanging or awning attic

Apart from these, the waste food items could also be a reason to have hornets around your home.

How To Keep The Hornet Away From Your Home?

  • Remove unwanted food from your home and keep the trashcans covered.
  • Maintain your home structure, fixtures and other areas which need repair.
  • Pay attention to the drainage system to keep your home outside clean and dry.
  • Deploy wasp traps to control the hornets.

In a nutshell, if you detect hornets in your home then reach us at Halton Pest Control. With us, you can rest assured to get experienced and trained professionals who provide humane pest management services nearby you.

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