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Rodent Proofing Tips & Tricks For Your Premises


Rodents are commonly available in your home as they attract to cozy nesting areas near the food supply. This is why rodent infestation first occurs in kitchens and pantry where food is available in a large amount.

It does not mean they can’t reach other parts of your home. You can easily find rodents in the garage, attic and basement as they love to live in dark and cluttered areas. These pests tend to infest your home, especially in autumn and winter months.

So, here are listed some tips and tricks to make your property rodents free.

  • Kitchen: As your kitchen is the prominent place to attract pest due to food storage, keep the food covered in the airtight container, maintain hygiene and don’t keep the dirty dishes overnight.
  • Sealing: Seal all the cracks, holes and gaps in or around your home. This trick is especially applicable for the areas where you have cables or wires running into your property.
  • Plumbing: It is about the sites where moisture can gather like drainage systems, pipes and more. Keep those areas dry, clean or covered
  • Landscaping: Having gorgeous bushes and dense plants in your lawn look great and play a significant role in inviting the rodents. Keep the bushes small, trim the branches, and place the garbage bin covered with the lid.

Follow these simple tips to make your home rodent-proof or if you notice rodents in or around your premises, call us at Halton Pest Control to hire our fully licensed and insured pest control professional in Burlington, Oakville & Hamilton. Call us today to get free inspection and estimate.

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