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3 Signs Of Moth Infestation

Moth Infestation

The presence of moths in your home or pantry can be frustrating. They damage your clothes or contaminate your food. Your clothes damaged by your moths can be emotionally attached to you. Depending on the severity of the damage, it is necessary to identify the moth infestation and remove them as soon as possible.

How To Detect Moths

    1. Clothing Moths
      Unfortunately, damaged items of clothing is a common sign. Moths often attack knitwear, silk and leather garments. Your dresses could have irregular holes while the size of holes is determined how long the moths and their eggs were there in your garments. It mostly happens when garments with food stains are left for a longer time.
    2. Carpet Moths
      Carpet moths cause damage to your rugs and carpets. They mostly happen in the softer piles instead of hard webbing that carries the rug together. The moths mainly target the wool, and silk made carpet and rugs. As the moth prefer to lay their eggs in darker and undisturbed areas, their presence under the furniture along baseboards is frequent.
    3. Pantry Moths
      Find the moths in your kitchen that mostly fly around the dried foodstuffs like grains, cereals and flour. They are difficult to spot in the egg stage, although larvae will be evident. Larvae could be white or pick and possibly with dark head depending on the type of variety.

On noticing these signs in your home or office, contact us at Halton Pest Control. We have a team of professionals who use the specially formulated pesticides in the moth infested area and provide guarantee effective moth extermination in less time.

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