Flies Extermination Services in Burlington, Oakville & Hamilton

Flies Extermination Services

Flies are insects that create great nuisance. They can spread diseases to people and animals by contaminating our food items and water sources. We, at Burloak Pest Control, make sure to eradicate these invaders from your home or business in no time.

Our professionals are competent of undertaking any kind of pest control and management services in Burlington, Oakville & Hamilton. There are specially formulated insecticides that are applied to annihilate flies and provide you a fly-free home.

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Types of Flies

  • House Fly
  • Blow Fly
  • Fruit Fly
  • Drain Fly

Appearance / Identification

An adult fly consists of three body parts including head, thorax and abdomen. The size and color of a fly vary depending on species. They can reach up to 10 mm in length. Flies have a pair of compound eyes along with a pair of antennae.

Life Cycle

Flies go through complete metamorphosis cycle consisting of egg, larva, pupa and adult stage. Flies can lay thousands of eggs in their entire lifespan. Surrounding temperature is the key factor deciding the development time from egg to adult stage. Generally, the life cycle of a fly completes within a few weeks.

General Facts

Here are some facts homeowners must know about flies and fly control:

What Can We Do For You?

Burloak Pest Control is ever-ready to offer you its quality products and services for flies extermination. Our experts undertake the flies control task with precision to ensure complete eradication of flies from your home. Our flies control and management services will commence with fly inspection. Our experts will visit your place to analyze the fly infestation and determine the treatment. High quality insecticides are used to annihilate flies readily. For commercial settings, we implement fly catchers to capture the flies without contaminating the air.

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Flies Extermination
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