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Hornet Extermination Services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown

Hornets are the most aggressive and dangerous eusocial wasps. They are the largest species that can reach up to 5.5 cm in length. There are around 20 hornet species found worldwide. They feed on caterpillars and other pests. Queens often rule the hives and lay eggs. Some hornet species contain venom that can create extreme pain and even lead to death.

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Types of Hornets

  • Asian giant hornet
  • Asian predatory wasp
  • Lesser banded hornet
  • Oriental hornet
  • European hornet (known as Old World Hornet, or Brown Hornet).
  • Greater banded hornet
  • Black-bellied hornet
  • Black shield wasp
  • Japanese hornet (also known as Japanese yellow hornet)

Our Hornet Extermination Services Include:

We, at Halton Pest Control, employ numerous treatments to eradicate hornets from your residential and commercial premises. Our professionals follow a step of methodology to prevent hornets while keeping you and your family safe.

Finding the Hornets Nest

Hornets are the most dangerous and aggressive insects that can sting readily. Which is why our professionals will locate their nest in the evening when they are less active.

Application of Insecticide

There are specially formulated insecticides that are meant to annihilate or eliminate hornets readily. They can be sprayed from a safe distance to ensure safety from these dangerous bugs.

Safety is Foremost

During hornet removal task, we ensure absolute safety and protection of your family and our professionals. While execution, our exterminators wear thick clothing, protective masks, leather shoes, gloves and goggles. It is crucial to administer effective preventive care methods on time.

Spraying Insecticide

The best time to address the hornets is the evening time. Our team will spray effective insecticide in the nest to kill or eradicate the hornets from your premises. During the extermination procedure, you and your family will be kept in a safe location.

Removal of Hornets Nest

After the treatment, our professionals will ensure that all hornets are annihilated. They will remove the hive and clean your premises with soap and water.

Halton Pest Control administers professional and safe treatments to handle dangerous insects or pests efficiently. We keenly observe the severity of pest infestation and address that accordingly. Let us visit your place and help you get rid of these extremely dangerous insects in less time that too within your budget.

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