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Cockroach Extermination Services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown

Biology and Life Habits of Cockroaches

Cockroach infestation is one of the most common household problems. Cockroaches can wreak havoc on your home, food and other households. In Canada, around five different species of cockroaches are found. The German and Brown-banded cockroach species are about 3/4” in size having an oval shaped body with spindly legs. A female of German cockroach can reproduce 40 adults in three months. They live for one year and can produce thousands of cockroaches in that lifespan.

The Oriental, American and Common Wood cockroach are the three largest species of cockroaches. They can reach up to 2” in size and are mostly found in litter, sewage pits and basement areas. All of these species of cockroaches are in constant search of food and water. They can feed on almost everything including paper, cloth, plants etc. This species carry a lot of bacteria and can contaminate your food items. They transmit Salmonella bacteria that lead to food poisoning.

Encountered Cockroaches in Your Home? Call our cockroach exterminators now to prevent cockroach infestation.

Questions and Answers

Q – What attracts cockroaches?
A – Cockroaches are in constant search of food, water, warmth and shelter. They get attracted to residential areas as they find reliable food and water sources there. They can feed on anything and most likely prefer starchy foodstuffs.

Q – How do I know there is a cockroach infestation in my home?
A – Cockroaches are nocturnal and could be easily seen at night when they are active. At night, turn on the lights of your kitchen or basement and you’ll see them rushing towards dark area. Apart from this, black droppings, egg shells, cast skins and musty smell from the dark areas of the kitchen or basement are possible signs of cockroach infestation.

Q – Are cockroaches dangerous to humans?
A – Yes, Cockroaches transmit diseases from one place to another. They live in untidy surroundings including garbage bins and sewers. Thus, they carry various forms of viruses and bacteria including salmonella bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Q – What can I do to prevent a cockroach infestation?
A – Little can be done to eradicate cockroaches from your home, good sanitation, prevention of water and food sources can control the cockroaches to some extent. You can also contact professional pest control services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown for careful inspection and elimination of cockroaches.

We provide an array of pest control solutions to the residents of Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown. We use quality products and advanced techniques to eliminate cockroach infestation from your home. Our ultimate aim is to get you rid of cockroach in no time. Before a cockroach treatment, our professionals will provide you with a preparation guide that includes:

  • Clear the cupboards beneath the sink and clean off the counters of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Remove the cutlery and dishes from drawers.
  • Clear the closet in the room from shoes and other boxes etc.
  • Ensure the house or office is clutter free so that our exterminators inspect the place properly.
  • Occupants may need to vacate the place for at least 3-4 hours during treatment.

Our exterminators will make sure that you don’t see any cockroach in your premises after treatment.

Call our cockroach exterminators to schedule pest control services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown.
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