Frequently Asked Questions

Before devising any bed bug control strategy, our pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect your place to judge the severity of bed bug infestation. After analyzing the place, they will develop a treatment that can get you rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs are sneaky creatures and one time treatment is not enough for them. Our team will treat the place twice to ensure zero bed bugs in your home.
Yes, our products are safe and non-toxic. Moreover, our trained professionals apply the pesticides at low concentration to kill the pests. Thus, they won’t pose any threat to humans and pets.
Yes, of course we provide reliable treatments for wasps, bees, hornets and other flying stinging insects. Our experts will locate the nests and eliminate them using some high quality products.
Choosing a reliable and professional pest control firm is crucial to get the best results. Ask the following questions to judge their authenticity.

  • Are the professionals trained and experienced?
  • Does the company hold a good reputation in the market?
  • Do they guarantee their products and services?
  • Are they certified and licensed?
  • How much their services cost?

Our exterminators will visit your place to inspect the degree of infestation. After a complete inspection, we will provide you with an accurate estimate of the whole treatment. We guarantee quality service at a fair price along with 100% customer satisfaction.
A granular form of a pesticide consists of active ingredients of clay, paper and other sand particles. Granules work wonders in damp winter conditions for various pests such as ants, cockroaches, millipedes etc. Sprays can be applied directly on the pests and are considered more effective. For spring and summer pests, sprays are ideal.
Absolutely, we are competent of preventing rodent infestation. Our professionals will inspect your place to determine the degree of infestation and take the necessary actions. They will trap the rats or other rodents and take them away from your home.
We deal with a vast number of critters or pests including bed bugs, ants, fleas, cockroaches, centipede, moths, mice, rats, spiders, hornets, bees and wasps.
Pest infestation is not easy to control and prevent without any effective techniques and products. You can give it a try but that would prevent the infestation only for a certain period. Our professionals know how and where to apply the pesticides and in what quantity. Apart from this, we also provide a guaranteed success. If you encounter pest problems after our treatment, we will provide additional service at zero additional cost.
It depends on the type of pest and the degree of infestation. If it’s a harmful pest that requires harsh treatment, we will surely ask you to vacate the house for a few hours while the treatment. Otherwise, you can continue with your work and our exterminators will undertake the necessary steps to eliminate the pests from your home permanently.

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