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Bee and Wasp Removal Services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown

Many people mistake every stinging insect for bees. However, there are major differences between bees and wasps. There are various types of bees and wasps found around the world. They create great nuisance particularly in the summers. They are capable of inflicting a painful sting when disturbed.

Our experts at Halton Pest Control provide reliable solutions to prevent these stinging insects from your premises. With years of experience and an array of quality products, we are competent of handling any kind of bee and wasp infestation.

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Bees are winged, flower-feeding insects with hairy body structure. There are around 20,000 bee species found around the world. They can be black, gray, red, bright yellow or metallic blue in color, depending on the species.

Types of Bees

  • Honeybees – Honeybees are ¾ of an inch in size. They are reddish-brown and black with ringed abdomen. Their body parts consist of a head, antennae and legs. When they sting, their stingers might get stuck in your body that can give you extreme pain.
  • Bumblebees – Bumblebees are large, hairy, black and yellow colored insects. They prefer to form their nest in low spots such as under porches or in fence post holes etc. These insects get aggressive if someone disturbs them and can sting readily to protect their nest.
  • Carpenter Bees – Carpenter bees create their nest by forming tunnel through the wood. They are large bees that can reach up to 12.5 to 25 mm in length. Male carpenter bees are aggressive but don’t have stingers to sting. Whereas, female carpenter bees have stingers but seldom sting.


Wasps are the most aggressive and dangerous social insect that live in colonies. They have a pinched waist, two pairs of wings with metallic green and blue appearance. Female workers are responsible for all the activities performed in the hive. They feed on other parasites and insects.

Types of Wasps

  • Yellow Jacket – Yellow jacket wasps are bright yellow insects that form their nest in the ground. They get attracted to meat and sweet food items. If provoked, they can sting multiple times that can be life threatening particularly for children and elders.
  • Bald Faced Hornet – These black and white bald faced hornets are commonly found around residential settings. They are more active during the summers and reproduce faster. They create their nests near trees and prey on spiders, flies and other insects.
  • Mud Daubers Wasps – Mud daubers wasps prefer to live alone and seldom sting. Spiders are their favorite food. Their nests are formed with mud having an oval and tube shape.
  • Paper Wasps – Paper wasps are yellow colored long insects with brown or black stripes. They build nests that appear like a small upside down umbrella. Their nests can be found in residential settings easily.

Why Hire Halton Pest Control?

Halton Pest Control provides effective bee and wasp infestation prevention programs that can eliminate the danger of these insects permanently. Our exterminators will visit your place to locate the hive and determine an effective treatment for their prevention. We use high quality products that are eco-friendly to ensure complete safety of your family and pets. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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