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Bed Bug Extermination Services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown

Bed bugs, these days, have become impervious to many chemical treatments. They are great travelers and can reach your dwellings via luggage, bedding, stuffed animals and furniture. Though, these critters appear small but create great nuisance. They may lead to some serious allergies and rashes on the body. Our Pest Control Service provides best-in-class bed bug control and removal services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown to both residential and commercial establishments.

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Bed Bug Facts


  • Adult bed bugs can reach up to 5 mm long, appear like an apple seed.
  • Wingless and flattened body structure
  • Males have tapered abdomen than females.
  • Reddish brown and abdomen gets darker once the blood is digested.
  • Bite reaction varies from individual to individual, ranging from mild to severe.

Habitat and Behavior

  • Prefer dark and hidden areas near the host
  • Crevices in furniture and baseboards are preferred places to hide
  • Seek carbon dioxide and warmth that humans emit
  • Can easily move from one place to another
  • A potential problem in dwellings, multi-unit buildings, hotels etc.


  • Go through gradual metamorphosis (egg, nymph, adult) etiquettes
  • Female bed bugs can lay 200 to 500 eggs in their entire lifespan
  • The eggs hatch in 6 to 17 days
  • Adults can live up to 1 year without feeding

Indication of Bed Bug Infestation?

In order to encounter bed bugs you should have a proactive approach. Seek live or dead bugs or you can also look for their dead skin that they leave behind while molting. After feeding, bed bugs leave reddish-black fecal on the bedding or mattress. They most likely lay their eggs in dark crevices near the bed corners.

Preparation for Bed Bug Treatment

Beg bud infestation removal is not a matter of minutes. It is difficult to completely eliminate them from your premises in a few minutes. Thorough treatment takes time to complete and deliver 100% results. So, our exterminators will undertake two treatments, two weeks apart.

  • Clear the floor surfaces, closets and other hidden areas.
  • Vacuum mattresses, carpets, hidden corners of the room, make sure to discard the contents into a sealed plastic bag and keep it outdoors.
  • During the extermination process, vacate the place for at least 4 hours.
  • Launder all the beddings and covers in hot water.
  • Empty drawers and put to items in the plastic bags.
  • Make sure the home is clutter free.

We provide top-notch bed bug control and removal services across Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown. Our professionals will visit your place to check the severity of bed bug infestation. It is crucial to determine the right and effective strategy for eliminating these pests from your premises forever.

Want to get rid of these unwanted guests soon? Call our bed bug extermination services in Burlington, Oakville & Waterdown.
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