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Professional Pest Control Vs. Do It Yourself Pest Control

Professional Pest Control Vs. Do It Yourself

Most of the people like to enjoy the occasional weekend project around the house such as fixing little damages, fixing leaky faucet, painting and others. You may be one of them. However, there are some DIY projects that are not for everyone. It is good to leave some tasks for the professionals like clean high chandeliers, clean out gutters and other major projects.

In order to save a few bucks, people adopt a do it yourself method of getting rid of pests. There are certain situations where DIY is a good alternative to hiring a professional. If you find a single cockroach, ant, bug or any other kind of pest, there is usually no need of an exterminator. But if you spot a bed bugs and other insects in a large amount, it is necessary to hire a professional.

Here are a few things that are helpful to consider when deciding to do it yourself or call an exterminator.

  1. Knowledge
    DIY: In order to protect your home from pests and animals, you should cleanup it. Remove debris and clutters because it makes great hiding spots for unwanted guests. Packaging material, old newspaper and anything else that rats and other critters use to make their own home on your property. So, when you clean up the home, make sure you remove all unwanted paper and other material.
    Professional: A knowledgeable exterminator is able to quickly identify the problem and treat it in no time. A professional is also able to answer any question that you have in your mind.
  2. Expense
    DIY: Buying traps and chemicals from a hardware store is typically less expensive than hiring a professional. But use of these equipments, requires extensive knowledge.
    Professional: Hiring a professional might be a little bit expensive, but he ensures to fix the problem. Sometime pesticides or other chemicals not work for you. Continuing to buy chemicals and pesticides can get expensive.
  3. Risk
    DIY: No matter which type of chemical you have. Chemicals or pesticide of any kind can carry a risk. Applying chemicals without a proper knowledge cause harm to human, pets and plants.
    Professional: By hiring a professional, most risks are removed from the homeowner. Before hiring a pest control company, get reviews about the company from past customers.
  4. Warranties
    DIY: If you adopt a DIY method, you are not sure that you eliminate all the pest permanently or you are not sure that they will never come back.
    Professional: A professional always offers a warranty on his work. You can ask about company’s representative about warranty policies before hiring the company to treat your home. A reliable and trustworthy company always offer a warranty.

Consider the list above before deciding if you should tackle the pest control problem. For a small infestation, DIY is a good option. But for a major problem, call a professional. If you have a pest issue, Halton Pest Control can help you.

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