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How Can I Inspect Bed Bugs In My Home?

Bed Bugs

If you woke up in the morning and notice a series of itchy red marks on your uncovered body parts, you are likely to have bed bugs infestation. Bed bugs are one of the pests that are not easy to remove and kill by your own. So, you must consider calling the professional pest exterminators.

Meanwhile, using several methods, you can detect the pests in your home. However, it is vital to first know about bed bugs. These pesky pests can hide virtually anywhere even in cracks & gaps in walls. This makes finding them more difficult, but you have to detect them.

How To Inspect Your Home For Bed Bugs?

You should have a flashlight, straight edge objects like a credit card or paint scraper in addition to wearing gloves. Look for the bugs, their eggs, shed skin and droppings. Bed bugs most live at the warmth places where they can feed on humans for a longer time. Therefore, starting from your bed, bed sheets, underneath mattress and pillows, move toward the furniture, upholstery, curtains, carpets, area rug and more. On finding them, you can use the sharp edge object to kill them carefully.

Is There Any Sign Of Bed Bug Infestation?

As stated above, the red itchy mark on your body is the first sign. The other symptoms of having bed bugs infestation are as given below:

  • If your home has bedbugs availability in a large number, you will find the blood stains on your bed sheets and pillowcases.
  • There will be a musty odor in the area where bed bugs are expected.
  • Bedbugs fecal spots, shed skins, and egg shells will be there where they are hidden.

So, if you are sure that your home has bedbugs, then turn to Halton Pest Control. We are the leading pest control services provider in Ontario ensure to make your home bed bugs free using the most effective environmentally-friendly solution.

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