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How To Discourage Pests From Visiting Your Yard?

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With the onset of summers, pests that were resting inside your cozy property are all warming up to leave their dens to enjoy summer sun. Though it is the responsibility of humans to protect and take care of innocent creatures, still most of the homeowners doesn’t tolerate an unwanted invasion of mammals in their premises. The reason being that the damage and clutter caused by insects and animal species require expensive repairs and leads to frustration.

Most possibly, during summers the count of unwanted invasions in a property increases significantly. The problem can become even worse, if you are regularly feeding animals like raccoons, rats, skunks and ants. Since most of us aren’t aware of what these animals actually feed upon, we don’t realize that actually we are compelling these pests to take shelter inside our home.

Some ways to discourage pests and animals from invading your yard are:

  1. Keep the bird feeders away: The foremost thing that draws the attention of a pest towards your yard is presence of bird feeding bowls. People often keep the bowl full of bird feed hanging on a tree, so that birds can feed upon it. But in reality what actually happens is, a squirrel, mice or raccoon climbs up the tree to eat the seeds meant for birds. This not at all what you expected. No matter, its dusk or dawn, never keep the bird feeders out in your absence.
  2. Feed your pet inside:Most of the pests are so notorious that they attack your pets to snatch away their food and even soft toys. To prevent this issue, its advised not to leave the pet food bowls and leftover outside, especially during the night. Make sure your dog or cat finishes their food inside to avoid other animals from attacking them.
  3. Clear away the clutter:If you are having a cluttered yard with rotten fruits and nuts fallen over here and there, then make sure you clean it every day. This will not only prevent the bee and wasp colony but will also distract squirrels and chipmunks from taking shelter inside your property. To prevent shallow holes that are dug by notorious animals, install a durable steel fence and install it at least 5 inches under the ground.
  4. Cover the garbage cans: In order to avoid bees from hovering upon a garbage can and to prevent a raccoon from throwing out waste out from a bin, its advised to cover all garbage bins placed inside a yard. Since it is easy for animals to take off the lid of a clutter can, make sure you install a tough metallic one with shock cords.

If you’re facing pest invasion in you home, give Halton Pest Control a call. Our pest exterminators will reach you for effective and long term pest removal in Oakville.

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