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Ants Ants Everywhere? Follow These 7 Tips to Block Their Entry

Ants Ants Everywhere

Ants are a common nuisance and almost every homeowner deals tend to deal with it every now and then. Pest control professionals are often asked the secret to successfully get rid of ants from their house. Ants, however, are very interesting species and can exist in the most extreme conditions as well. This makes their extermination a tough row to hoe. The best possible way to get rid of ants is to therefore prevent their entry at the first place.

Following are some golden tips straight from pest control experts to help you control ants and keep them at bay.

1. Whenever you witness ants in your house try to follow them so as to discover their points of entry which they use to come inside your house. Ants can enter through door jams, windows, cracks in the floor and even crevices.

2. Boric acid or your laundry detergent can effectively create a temporary barrier in the path of ants thereby preventing them from entering through these points. Baby powder can also be used as a safer alternative.

3. Take these entry points of ants very seriously and make every possible effort so as to seal them. Block all cracks and crevices by applying weather stripping onto doors and windows. You can cover holes using duct tape as well.

4. Clean your cupboards in kitchen periodically so as to get rid of spilled food that ants may have been eating. Clean and throw away waste food items where you think ants can get them. This will deter them from coming inside.

5. If you think your containers aren’t secure enough for keeping your food items at bay from ants, then make sure you get a new set of containers that are sealed enough to prevent the ants from getting attracted towards it and eating it.

6. Wash your floors and other surfaces where ant lines have been discovered by you with warm soapy water. This will prevent the ants from returning since ants follow a pheromone scent to retrace their path and by cleaning it with soap or bleach, it will be impossible for them to return to their favourite spots.

7. Ants simply hate the smell of lemon and orange peels and therefore these peels work as a great deterrent for ants. Placing a slice of lemon peel around doorways or dropping them inside ant holes will surely make them run away.

If you carefully and thoroughly follow these ant control techniques, you might be able to handle your ants’ infestation on your own. Though these tips can readily prevent entry of ants in your house, however, they should not be equalled to professional pest control measures. So, if the situation is out of hand at your place, then simply go for professional extermination measures. We, at Halton Pest Control, are a leading pest control company which has helped hundreds of homeowners and business owners with our customized pest control solutions.

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