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5 Signs of Rodent Infestation

5 Signs of Rodent Infestation

No one would like to keep the rodents in the home that destroys your belonging. This is why, people try to keep their home safe using the genuine techniques like cover the drainage system, maintain the hygienic atmosphere and spray the pesticides in their home.

All this is a good habit to keep your home rodents free, but rodents need only one opportunity to come into your home and live until you catch them. So, when you find the below signs in your home, it means the rodents have reached your home and you need to remove them.

  1. Rodent’s Droppings
    The dark and moist droppings of rodents in your home become grey when dry out. You will feel crumble when touching it. These are mostly available around the cupboards, sinks, drawers, food packages, etc.
  2. Gnaw Marks
    You may also find the gnaw marks will be lighter in color or become darker with growing time. These marks can be noticed around the food packaging or home structure.
  3. Foul Odor
    If you have pets, you will notice a change in their behavior. The cats and dogs become active, because they easily smell the odor of rodent around them.
  4. Find Nests
    Rodents like to make nests of shredded paper, dried plant, waste paper and fabric. If you find this material chewed around your home, it means you have rodents.
  5. Noise
    The rat and mice are nocturnal. They often create a sound of scratching inside the walls, along with the floors even when they chew something. Night time, you can easily feel their presence.

If you noticed any of these sign in your home, you can call the Halton Pest Control to hire the fully licensed and insured pest control services in Hamilton.

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