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5 Popular Bed Bug Misconceptions

5 Popular Bed Bug Misconceptions

No one likes the presence of skin crawlers like bedbugs in a home as they are very challenging creatures to get rid of. On seeing these hitchhikers, one start think about a number of myths which are just a waste of mind and totally meaningless. Rather than going through these useless thoughts, it’s better to go with a reliable and efficient pest control services. A professional exterminator can guide better their customers on detailed pest control concepts. Their guidance is helpful in debunking many popular myths about the pests.

Following are the most common myths related to the bed bugs:

  1. Bed Bugs Only Visible In Night: Most of the homeowners think that these bed bugs only remain active in nights but the real fact is that they tend to be more active in the early morning. The bugs like to reside inside in warmth areas and suck human blood during the sleep, that’s why they are visible less at daytime.
  2. Bed Bugs Are The Disease Carriers: It is a completely wrong myth that bugs are known for spreading diseases but the reality is that love to suck human blood which turns into allergies and reactions in the body.
  3. A Dirt Give Birth To Bed Bug: Most of the people think that the dirty home leads to the bed bug infestation but the truth is that these bugs crawl inside the home depends upon certain living conditions. They get transported easily through our clothes and with carried luggage.
  4. A Bug’s Bite Is Painful: These bugs usually attack the humans to suck blood and get disappear in some fraction of the time. The bug bite does not deliver any pain but only make you to scratch your body.
  5. Bed Bugs Can Handle on By Own: A DIY treatment like pesticide spray is not meant for all infestation as it gives birth to pests again. For a severe bed bug infestation, it’s better to call an expert who knows which treatment strategy will work to eliminate the bugs permanently.

A home having bed bug infestation is a big headache which needs an instant conclusion. For the effective bed bug treatment, call our experts at Halton Pest Control.

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