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5 Effective Tips To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

5 Effective Tips To Get Rid of Fruit Flies

The most pest prone period is spring and after fall, when all the tiny flies, bees and wasps become active. One can often notice dozens of insects buzzing inside a yard, out of which some are harmful. Fruit flies are one of the pests that are usually seen flying around the rotten fruits, seedlings, flowers and clutter. They are tiny insects that are generally difficult to get rid off. If you want to eliminate them from a property, consider calling pest control professionals.

Some tips to remove fruit flies are:

  1. Dispose of rotten fruits and vegetables: The foremost thing to do is disposing of all the scattered and fallen fruits and vegetables that often attract these flies. Anything that has gone beyond the ripening period, and is oozing liquid, should be immediately removed from a yard. Don’t throw these items inside a garbage or compost bin, instead take them away from a home to prevent flies and bees.
  2. Empty and clean the recycling bins: Fruit fly are usually attracted towards sweet or fermented food sources. The things that attract them are empty soda cans and wine bottles. Pick them away and dump them inside a trash can. Cover the lid of the garbage bin after putting them inside. Also, remove any sort of residue caused by them.
  3. Replace old sponges and mops: Most possibly, fruit flies breed on sources like sour sponges or mops. Its important that you should keep the kitchen sponges and mop disinfected and clean to prevent breeding of flies. If they are really dirty, opt for replace them.
  4. Keep the dishes clean: No matter how tired you are, if you are really concerned about the hygiene of your family, wash your kitchen utensils and dishes as soon as your meal is over. Don’t wait until the end of the day to do the necessary kitchen chores. At least, rinse them with water to remove any food or beverage bits.
  5. Set a vinegar trap: If your home is infested with lots of flies, consider eliminating them using a vinegar trap. The strong odor of vinegar is responsible for wiping out the young to adult flies right away. Place a few vinegar traps around the area they regularly visit to quickly get rid of them.

These are the few effective tips that can help you in controlling the flies population inside your property. If all the above methods are not working, consider taking assistance of our pest exterminators at Halton Pest Control.

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