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3 Proven Ways To Deter The Wasp Invasion

3 Proven Ways To Deter The Wasp Invasion

Alike all other pests that invade a property for food and shelter, wasps infest a yard for pollens, flowers, and fruits. These pesky pests generally come out in spring and summer months. Though they look similar to bees, their body size is typically large and fat. Wasps are extremely harmful to humans due to their biting and attacking violence. To make sure that your family is safe from wasp bites, consider removing these pests as soon as they are noticed.

Some easy ways to prevent the wasp population are:

  1. Remove clutter & leftover food: The possible reason why wasps have invaded your property is the leftover food and sweet drink cans. Make sure you clean away your property each time your family had snacks sitting in the yard. Collect & dump all the dried leaves and rotten fruits in the garbage bins that are protected with a lid to avoid buzzing of bees and wasps over it. Try to store the sweet fragrances and juice containers away from the smelling sense of wasps.
  2. Regularly clean your home exteriors: Since wasps tend to stay in the exterior spaces, its important to prevent them from making their nests over there. To do this, regularly inspect your property for any signs of wasp infestation. If there are any structural damages such as wall holes, broken windows, gutter gaps or clogs, clean and repair them all. This will ultimately reduce the spots that may be perfect for the wasp nests.
  3. Install fake wasp decoys: Wasps are territorial pests, i.e. they don’t prefer to live at a place where some other wasp family is presently living. Wasp decoys are fake, oval shaped decorative structures that appear much like actual wasp nests. By installing this fake structure inside your yard or outdoors, you can make a wasp believe that some other wasp family has already invaded the place. This is a proven method to fool and deter the unwanted wasp population away from a property.

These are some of the ultimate ways to deter and prevent a wasp invasion inside your yard. If you are facing a wasp or bee infestation inside your yard, need not worry. Simply call our pest exterminators at Halton Pest Control for safe and effective pest removal services.

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