Professional Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Services

Burloak Pest Control specializes in nuisance animal trapping. Our professionals are passionate about humane wildlife removal services along with excellent customer service. We believe in using safe, reliable and effective methods to protect your family and property from the wildlife animals.

We aim to relocate the animals far from your premises that too without bringing any harm to them. Our animal removal specialists understand that animals play a vital role in our ecosystem. That is why, we try to get the job done in the least invasive manner. Our exterminators in Halton are equipped with the latest equipments to deliver the best results in less time.

Raccoon Removal

Burloak Pest Control provides professional and effective solutions for raccoon issues. If you find a raccoon in your attic or tipping over the garbage cans, contact our exterminators. Our wild animal removal experts will visit your place to assess the issue. They will form a trap to catch the raccoon and safely remove it from your property. Raccoons carry various infectious microbes that can affect both humans and pets. Thus, it becomes essential to exterminate them from your home or business as soon as possible.

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Squirrel Removal

Our wildlife removal experts specialize in squirrel control and removal services in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. Squirrels can be disruptive once they gain entry to your home or business. They can gnaw on the wires, plumbing fixtures and other building structures, leaving them to useless. Moreover, they create a lot of chaos hampering your day to day activities. Our adroit professionals will identify the potential entry points and seal them to resist their entry. Then, they will set up a trap with baits to catch and relocate them in a safe manner. We will also clean your area with anti-bacterial cleansers.

Skunk Removal

Are you having an ongoing problem with skunk in the garden? We can help. We are a wildlife removal and control company providing humane and safe skunk removal services in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. Our experts will trap the skunk in a cage and relocate them far away from your home. Our technicians will also seal the potential entry points to prevent future intrusions. Our skilled experts are committed to providing the best wildlife removal services to homes as well as businesses.

Burloak Pest Control is a leading wildlife removal service provider in Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton. We administer safe and effective techniques to prevent skunks, squirrels and raccoons from your premises. Our professionals are skilled, qualified and experienced. Thus, you can rest assured you and your property are in safe hands. After eradicating the un-welcomed guests from your property, we will clean your place with effective disinfectants.

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